Golf Performance

“Physiotherapy is not just for when you are in PAIN but for PREVENTION and PERFORMANCE”

Biomechanical Assessment – how well do you move?
Strength Assessment – how strong are you?
Specificity – are you strong and flexible enough for YOUR sport?

Typical Golf Injuries

  • Lower Back
  • Elbow – Girls are at a higher risk (McCarroll et al)
  • Hand & Wrist
  • Shoulder
  • Knees

“Overuse and poor swing mechanics were found to be the cause of these injuries” (Batt, 1992; Fradkin et al. 2004; McHardy & Pollard, 2005)

Warm Up!

“Injuries are significantly reduced if players warm up appropriately before playing golf” (Batt, 1992)

  • Prepare your body mentally & physically
  • Would you run a race without warming up?

Warm Up – The Evidence!

  • 2004: Study where a warm up and conditioning programme was performed by golfers for 7 weeks (4-5 x week). Golf club head speed was measured to track changes.
  • The warm up consisted of:
    • 4 exercises to raise body temp,
    • 9 stretches
    • 30 seconds of air swings with the golf club.

“Golf Head Speed increased by 24% – that’s a decrease in handicap of about 7 shots! (Fradkin et al. 2004 British Journal of Sports Medicine)

Physio for Optimal Performance

  • By finding out where YOU can improve in strength and flexibility I can…
  1. Treat areas of tightness
  2. Provide a specific conditioning program
  3. Teach you how to warm up properly
  4. Teach you how to stay in good shape
  5. Team up with your coach