For Life

You don’t have to be of a certain age and from a certain background to book a session with me.  I see ages 8 years to 108 years!  Sporty and non-sporty.  Your body still needs to perform for all aspects of your life. Goals can range from being able to stand up from a chair, walking to the shops to running a marathon or completing a triathlon.  Your treatments, rehabilitation and goals are bespoke to you.

Younger Years.

Growing up can be tough!  Sometimes there’s bumps and scrapes when playing with friends or getting stuck into sport.  Occasionally the body has a little trouble keeping up with growth spurts.  There may be co-ordination issues (clumsiness), a drop in sports performance or even pains.  Physiotherapy can reassure you by providing a diagnosis and help guide you through the best course of action.  There may also be sporting aspirations.  Learning how to maintain and build the body for the rigours of high level sport are so important in ensuring longevity.

Adult Life.

Balancing work, sport and the chores can be tricky!  Whether you are the ‘weekend warrior’ or a full time mum you too may find your in need of physiotherapy.

Later Life.

You are never too old to start enjoying a new hobby and I firmly believe in staying as active as possible for as long as possible.  This is not just for physical well being but also for your self esteem, your independence.  Maintaining your strength and flexibility will help with mobility and any balance issues that may develop.   It has been clinically proven that exercise programs can help (and prevent) conditions such as Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, circulatory disorders, type 2 diabetes and stroke.